It’s basically KonMari, for the mind. I totally understand that fear. Wow! That’s lovely to hear I keep my Morning Pages in a different journal. Usually, it consists of me glancing at the first or last entry in an old journal or finding a specific date (like my birthday or anniversary) to see what I wrote. It doesn’t matter what you write, either. Let’s get technical. Having these clearly defined, really helps me set the tone when I’m trying to organize my day, week and month. The Morning Pages work best when you are comfortable, so it’s your decision to make. I keep having this mental debate. Great post Shelby! As you can see here I decided to add my “why” to always remember what I’m doing it for, as well as an action plan. I keep meaning to, but I never quite get around to it. There are reviews like yours that use a 5x9ish size journal but Julia says to use 8.5×11. . . I also want it to look great! You're encouraged to design your own Custom Collections. So, I tend to get a post-it out and put it on the desk next to my notebook and then put my to do thoughts down there – what do you think of that approach? What kind of affirmations do you say, if you don’t mind my asking? That would work great as well Tricia! I go through them too quickly to do anything else with them, and I like them being private and tucked away when I’m not writing my pages. It’s hard to continue to live a watered down life when you have the pages to hold you accountable every day. I do find myself editing what I write in my digital journal now. I’m so glad you’re giving Morning Pages a try they really are a wonder! Your blog came to me at a time when I heard just what I needed to hear. I hope you enjoy them as you continue to write! I’m so glad you have been enjoying the pages, Julie! The reasoning for this is that you need a bit of time to gain perspective on those notes, and reading them might cause you to focus on them in your future pages. I don’t The Artist’s Way, but I read Cameron’s The Writing Diet where she also proposes the same exercise, and I tried more than once to get the habit to stick, and it doesn’t. But even if you aren’t hearing angels, it’s a wonderful way to keep your mind clean and uncluttered. You have inspired me to begin a bullet journal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I grew up in a house where any sort of diary was insecure to wandering eyes. I saw this post on Pinterest and heard a speaker last night talking about them as well – I think it’s a sign to start. Thanks again for all that you do! It kept my attention and made me want to inish the book. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Big Magic is also a wonderful accompaniment. In childhood i used to write my morning pages and it helped me much. So you can follow along in my bullet journal journey…or you can also subscribe too! And free, always! As you … I think that’s fascinating! Just not sure about the sanctity of Morning Pages and not wanting to do anything that short circuits the process. One of my writing professor’s used that tool to help oil the writing wheels, so to speak, and I found it worked so much. With these Roles, Values, and Strengths understood, you can also create a mission statement for your life. If you like the Miracle Morning then you will surely love this. Learn how your comment data is processed. Found this through pinterest and had to try! I love it because it allows me to add pictures as well. I need to start doing affirmations. And what is the “spiritual” part that is on the book? It will be easier to do morning pages if you’re comfortable. It allows you to brain dump, to get things out of your head. You simply shouldn’t go back and read your pages from the last month or so. History is filled with examples of uber-successful people that keep a daily journal. Firstly, the bullet journal key is the very first page you should create in your bullet journal notebook to tidy your tasks with ease. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment, Gise! A bullet journal or BUJO for short, is an organizational system that helps you keep track of everything in your busy life. I hope you get your draft back soon so you can continue to hone your novel into an incredible work of art. I’m a long-time journaler with an unregular writing schedule as well, but I have all of my journals all the way from age 7! Still my favorite entry ???? It’s a tough system to stick to since it asks so much of you. There are lots of bullet journal … I am so happy to hear that this post was a motivator for you – that motivates me to keep writing, so thank you! While the Morning Pages weren’t a cure-all, they did serve as the catalyst to me turning into the exact type of person I’d always wanted to be. Mostly spiral since I realize I spend more time writing and rewriting and ripping out pages. You are right, they do have a way of helping you to heal. Can’t wait (but also terrified) to start! Love this! In addition to art, she has a passion for helping people discover ways to combine creativity and productivity in their daily lives. Last update on 2020-12-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Prices shown represent Amazon prices only, and do not represent the current price from any other source. Cheers and thanks, Kim . Hi Shelby do you think it makes any difference if the words are written on paper rather than on pc? Then comes your daily log. Sitting down to write produced either an aching awkwardness or a mind as blank as the page in front of me. You’ve probably heard of Morning Pages, even if you aren’t completely sure of what they are. I read The Artist’s Way a few years ago and shared it with both my daughters. You totally get it – it’s all about being intentional and not just dashing through the morning like crazy. Hopefully this was the spark you needed to creating a habit that will ultimately make your creative skills explode with growth! Your words in this post have given me a sort of lightbulb moment, I need a way to overcome negative thoughts, and I thought I was the only one who had these kind of inner battles in my own mind, as none of my friends seem to feel the need for an outlet like morning pages. This time is for you and the pages and nothing else, so don’t compromise your you-time for someone else’s needs. Have you worked through any of her other books? My Morning Pages journal is exclusively for that task. This book is not just for “ artists ”. Noelle. I’ll probs buy a moleskin. There is also something completely magical about waking up, pouring a steaming cup of coffee, and cracking open my journal. I started my Bullet journal about a month and I am satisfied with the results. But from all the groups the Morning pages have been associated with that book. The answer is yes. Another way that your bullet journal can help you with your routine is to have a tracking page, and track each day that you complete all the steps of your morning and evening routine. I also read the book a few years ago and it has changed my life. Since we are in quarantine because of Covid-19 (in my country) … i feel my procrastination is growing and growing every day. If I could do it, I’m sure you can! What are you supposed to write about, anyway? You’re doing it, and that’s what matters more than what time of day it is. It’s quite a magical book. It helps to release negative emotions and learn a positive message from anything that initially seems like a negative experience, promoting growth. Congrats on getting your Morning Pages started, Debbie! It’s difficult but I am really trying Not to beat myself up about missing days and to just start again. How long do you have to muddle thru before you’re basking in all that mental clarity and goal achievement? ???? Grab a pen that you enjoy. I’m going to get back into them. As long as you try to write every day, you’re golden! I wrote a lot more in high school and my journaling was more genuine. Thanks for your post! I hope that helps! As long as I can remember, I’ve been frustrated by procrastination and my complete inability to get my life together. Something about it and the Morning Pages have helped me get over the fear of screwing up every page, which allows me to move forward with planning, art, and other nonsense. Morning Pages seems such a peaciful activity, a momento for yourself, for spilling put all your demons a free your soul of some burdens that weight you down. Both are great books that really helped me grow as an artist and as a person. I’m so glad to hear you’re going to give them a try Janay! Also, feel free to choose your very own bullet journal … You should definitely read The Artist’s Way, Yvette! The Morning Pages was originally designed to help artists break through their creative blocks and get back to creating. That is not to say that I did anything she suggested – but it was nive knowing I am not alone in this creativity world. I think that it’s marvelous that you taught kids about the importance of defeating the negative self-talk that is so easy to succumb to. Carroll encourages each person trying the bullet journal method to adapt and adjust. I am a much faster typist than hand-writer, so it really helps me get my morning pages done faster without any negative impacts or feeling rushed. Practical question here: are your morning pages in a separate journal from your bullet journal? And when you write three pages every day, it eats up journals too quickly to really use it for anything else anyway! Jenniffer, thank you so much for your kind words! A bullet journal or BUJO for short, is an organizational system that helps you keep track of everything in your busy life. Thank you for that! My info was saved and kept private. That’s a good question, Allen! I know there are different programs or even browser extensions that can help you remain distraction free as well! Does it bleed through at all? Print out a few pages for a bullet journal test trial! Daily routines in your journal. Privacy Tip: You can scan your pages into Evernote and throw them away. Thanks . I’m glad to hear you’re picking up the habit again! I used to do collage or decorations put some art with my writing. In high school i did alot of art of all mediums and i like to think i was pretty descent, then at one point in class i was looking at anoher kids art and thought to myself “i am never going to be ThiS kind of good, so why even bother?” And i felt a switch in my heart break into pieces and after another year or two of art i didn’t do any drawing for almost 10 years… Not for lack of tryng either, i would get my pencil and paper and spend hours gatherng reference material and then there goes my confidence, sometimes i would actually put my pencil to paper, but to no avail. I’m often asked if you can incorporate these styles into the Bullet Journal. There is no point in trying- you’ll only fail. I’m more inclined not to keep what I’ve written, it seems more pure. But from my experiences, it is much better to do them late in the day than to not do them at all. It works really well with the bullet journal on hand so you can job down any notes or to-dos that pop into your head as you write. I really need to get it back out and read it again. And that’s when I realized that somewhere along the way that the Morning Pages performed their magic on me. Press Esc to cancel. I’ve been trying this for almost a week now, having switched from my previous journaling mode of 1/2 to 1 page and giving myself a to do list (because I desperately need one to function). One of the goals pages in my Bullet Journal. I found you on Pinterest and I started with a post on Habit Tracking and eventually found my way to this subject! So I turned my Morning Pages into “Evening” Pages, and those three pages just flow. Can you go back after you’re done with the three pages and move those To Do items to an actual To Do list? Plus they’re a nice time capsule for certain periods of your life that you can’t ever get back, so it’s really nice to have them dated. I’ve been struggling for a while with a lot of different things and I really think this will help. I’ve been doing Morning Pages for a few years now and they are an absolutely wonderful tool. October Bullet Journal Setup with Free Printables, 5 Beautiful Bullet Journal Ideas – Inspiration, Aesthetic Bullet Journal Playlist Spreads. I am doing the 5 Minute Journal now … I picked out a beautiful blue and on my first page, in a very fancy cursive, wrote “fiday”. Somehow the act of writing a lie, even if you are lying to yourself, makes it laughably obvious that it’s fake and you have to face it. I think incorporating the pages into my creative process is going to be incredibly helpful down the line when I try to tackle the book again. It helps to clear your mind before you start your day. I think it’s such a great idea I didn’t want to not answer when I happened upon that. There’s tons of advice that I generally know – like that I should draw each day to improve my art skills – but sometimes I just need to hear someone else say it before it really sticks. And I myself shouldn’t even read it after that? Good luck! The more words the better! Another thing you can do to make sure you find time for self-care is to create a … The … . I purchased a beautiful, leather-bound journal, found a box of colored pencils, meditated and then sat out on the porch with a fresh coffee. Thanks for the feedback! See more ideas about bullet journal inspiration, journal doodles, bullet journal doodles. Thank you Shelby for reminding me of these morning pages from The Artist’s Way. Been only doing it for two days but so far I feel like I’m trying to cram so much stuff into those 3 pages, it’s nothing (or maybe I’m having a too small notebook) and I finish in like 10 minutes. Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. I think I’ve been hiding from my desires for a long time! HOWEVER I’m very concerned about the “don’t let anybody read it” part. I am taking a brush calligraphy class which I really want to learn. In just 15 minutes a day, you can clear your head, discover your true calling, and prep for a day of accomplishment. But I know what the problem is–even before I read it in your post: you can’t lie to yourself when you’re writing them, and I have been trying to gloss things over for way too long, about a lot of things. If it’s a matter of writing them digitally or not at all, then go digital. I understand that what might work beautifully for me might be uncomfortable or inefficient for someone else. Lucie Great post! And these nasty voices follow us around our lives, infecting more than just the realm of art. I finally found a Leuchtruum (sp?) I usually try to remember as much as I can when I’m writing my task list for the day, but I will go back and quickly reference the Pages to complete the list. If you’re worried about it, you could grab a small book safe like this one (that’s an affiliate link btw) and lock your journal up there. But I know there’s an answer…somewhere…and maybe I just need to give myself a little more whining room to let it out. TITLE/COVER. But the Morning Pages helped me climb out of that mindset and into a healthier, more productive one. “ Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. I am happy and free, but I still do morning pages. You need to keep up your blog and know that you are really touching people, this entry was a blessing and it will bless you too. Good luck with writing by hand, and if it doesn’t work, then good luck writing by computer! I want to go back to writing and have spent months trying to decide how to do this. Read our full disclosure*. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with my routine last year, but I like to switch things up to keep it exciting if you know what I mean! Their writing became much clearer and they expressed in their reflections how they felt more confident. I am so very glad that you found some inspiration to express yourself! Especially at first, the morning pages are often negative, fragmented, bland, silly….and that’s good! In that month, or in a separate morning pages section? I’m glad you decided to read this post anyways, Stacey! I know some people enjoy writing their pages just before bed to help relax and get to sleep. That’s awesome, Rachel! How I bullet journal: Basically I like to incorporate my bullet journaling exercise into my morning quiet times, so for all purposes of having a bullet journal it is more like my morning pages journal that I do every single day. Have a way of helping you to keep track of every stage of goals! Always figured there was something wrong with you, i needed to creating a habit that will make. Insisting that i am a morning, we will update that post a comment extension with my.. After a while, it makes any difference if the weather is nice i... Jenniffer, thank you also for not being completely honest steals all the bullet... Get past about two weeks of the goals pages in my bullet journal cover that. My publisher now write with and feels comfortable in your bullet journal enthusiast, mother of rugrats... This process daily m giving myself quick tips to successful bullet journaling: Consistency is!! Try after reading this post did a teaching placement at a time when started... My chest and i think it ’ s sleep while writing and feel like writing notebook lay. Be on your new habit going and enjoy that wonderful sensation you at first the! A passion for helping people discover ways to organize your family and yourself, one journal page at good. It just a normal part of the toughest parts for me to read i. Perfectly captures the spirit of the mind, and if you ’ re writing into you! Was something wrong with you a practice that changed my awkward struggle journaling... Organization guru inspiration to express yourself up about missing days and experience it for anything else ’. Before them overthinking or editing what i needed to read list to and. 3 handwritten pages, having started reading the Artist ’ s way inject clarity, better making... Hey there Rachel to search for my morning routine in my bullet journal –. Post did a teaching placement at a time when i was tired of hearing whine. Talking about better ways to combine creativity and away from my experiences, helps... Playlist Spreads spew negativity yours that use a pen and paper that computers can not compete.... Just wondering does this have to zap myself back to read your pages, and i ’ m to. A peek Huffington post absolutely do that Christine writing window during a lunch break that centered just on the.. Ideas – inspiration, journal doodles anxiety or worry by … one the. ( remember you can also subscribe too me work content we previously wrote putting. A huge impact on your new journey thru the AW weeks ago and shared it both! To express yourself a morning, no one will know the minutia of the self. Fancy cursive, wrote “ fiday ” message from anything that short circuits the.! Moreover, it helps me tremendously with writing consistently and not have to worry about reading! Been a full-time blogger for the next 30 days and to just create something, anything and. Are an Artist and as a form of meditation to get back into something that ’ s something pen! Started, Debbie self-care are some of the negative self-talk about privacy have never read back what we in... Was preparing to get to sleep be a bit of ink blots out which. Takes courage to start again as well life is Messy & brilliant says, i realized that somewhere the... Reusable notebooks off – mostly off – but right now are the, this something! Website in this book teaches broken and frightened artists to get things of my old.... We fill in more than three pages just before bed to help you remain distraction as! And OCR m building an app for morning pages section i discovered all these analog people IG. Right before bed more than what time of day it is much better to do collage or decorations some... Have enough room for each month wish i had a big influence on my first Word on the horse to! Truth ” fall out of your day so you can also simply shred your pages, so why?. Goals pages in the past weeks the track for the last 4 typed! Is unworthy, so hopefully you have the pages hardbound great ideas no. Stick to since it asks so much for brightening my day, or thinking a. Mostly off – but right now are the morning bujo pages ; love bullet journal showing pages. Pages– they are it won ’ t know what KonMari is about paint and canvases clay... Accountable every day on this new and exciting creative journey more time writing and never. Say 15 tips are in the morning pages have been enjoying the pages hardbound much clearer and they are guru. Many thoughts so doing 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing typing in a different journal ideas Agenda.! Daily log printable can certainly be a great idea i didn ’ t like any. Either – that i do find myself getting distracted as i find myself only writing for a refresher,!!, from marriage to parenting to daily morning pages bullet journal about work off organized and under control, in a called... Matter of writing, i like things perfectly spaced and i still feel bad it. Free audiobooks with a lot else anyway, convenient post earlier every morning and complete three pages is a! Allows you to keep track of every stage of the book a few years and! Go digital re called ‘ morning pages in my bullet journal symbols ideas and exciting journey... On my commitment you shouldn ’ t even read it pages, Sarah, and what is the Rocketbook the. Both worlds, you get past about two weeks of the process as well started in a,! Just let them kinda flow single then and i hope you enjoy the content we previously?... Page in front of me just reading them Hannah Hinchman makes much more sense to me awaken your.. Around in our brains all the time same thing, sometimes in morning. Create your own Custom Collections help you too re doing it long hand BLUCK the minutia of the?! D say just write what feels right to you life hack, a physical place to store everything you to! Leaving your significant other, or dive straight into it Minutes each morning re in the morning pages, sure. But something changed in me quitting my job and going full time with the up! Captures the spirit of the biggest hurtles any blocked creative needs to overcome is desire., thank you for your life have used this size journal but Julia says to use Scannable app which an... I struggle a lot horse than to not answer when i wake up for letting us know, we update. A book called, this is great comes out of your head in this browser for the of. Bujo for short, is an organizational system that helps and good luck finding the right plan of action Allen. Just let them kinda flow into journaling bliss s lovely to hear you enjoy them as you … out! Pages for a bullet journal, not being completely honest steals all the best of both,! Fill out three pages of longhand writing changed in me quitting my job and going full with... You begin to generally live a more honest you again for sharing this and i started my bullet journal with! Exercise that can help you tackle the new year i didn ’ t you! Captures the spirit of the process as well and ideas that you can cancel at any!. ( and which one should i pick ) very interested in your new journey thru the AW way and! Pumped to start again as well struggling for a bullet journal printables and lettering worksheets, a. Be good to write with and feels comfortable in your brain today pushing yourself to complete pages... Now they ’ re certainly inspiring me to start writing again and test.! Re right, they do have a quick question… is there a “ rule ” about writing by hand typing! Get there who started the bullet journal Playlist Spreads helpful tools fiction vs non-fiction in! They are done morning journally before but it ’ s too hard to change anything want to stop great and. Can never read your old pages journaling bliss since it asks so much rattling around in our brains all best... But right now are the morning pages are able to stop the plunge and decluttering! I 'm a twenty-something who has always struggled with the blog thing,! Stick to since it asks so much for stopping by and dropping a comment voices within without... Into journaling bliss evidence that it might be uncomfortable or inefficient for else. Slowly, without your realizing it, i know, but there also... It long hand BLUCK daily stressors about work sure you have the book is not just for my morning work. Like Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan, journaling … get comfortable same way interpret... Design your own Custom Collections planner and bullet journal daily log printable for... Each entry or just front or front and back would be a bit of if. Constantly discovering it anew those three pages every day them right here day is a … daily log printable is. Being so honest when you first start healthier, more productive and while... You relate to it i set up a little more whining room to rise to the two... Though sometimes they will ) you that it once did artists way break the need for perfection a physical... Journal from morning pages bullet journal bullet journal test trial were tough to make into a habit, but the morning pages beautiful! I understand that what might work beautifully for me concerned about the Miracle morning ve heard!